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12 Signs that your partner wants the relationship to end

By Jatin Sharma, 31 October 2017


One of the major things in any relationship is that you need to have the care and love for one another. But this love and care is not under the control of a single person and mutual understanding is necessary for a relationship to continue in a healthy manner. But when your partner no longer cares for your well-being and there is no more love left in the relationship, it is bound to end. Here are 12 signs that your partner has made up their mind that your relationship with them is over.

1Too busy to give time


As the interest level of your partner goes down in the relationship, so does the time spent together decreases. Your partner will start making plans for work or personal things whenever you want to get together and do something. Spending time with each other is a way of saying that you love one another, and share your lives together. If the partner doesn’t show up for the pre-set date and makes excuses of being too busy, they have lost their care and concern for you and the relationship long back.

partner goes down in the relationship

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2Putting themselves in the limelight


Taking care of each other’s needs and wants is what makes a relationship successful. Caring for one another is one thing, but demanding that your partner takes care of your needs and wants and then think about their stuff is simply putting them in the limelight and making themselves focus of attention. This shows that they don’t care for what you want or need and simply just want everything for themselves.

taking care of each others

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3The blame is out on you


One of the biggest signs of your partner wanting out of the relationship is that no matter whose fault it is, you are the person who is to blame. It becomes a habit for them to blame you directly or indirectly, for everything wrong that happens to them and it shows that they simply have no concern for your feelings or emotions and want you to initiate the break-up so that they are not seen as the bad person.

The blame game

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4They become arrogant in conversation


When the respect and care dies between two people in a relationship, the conversations between the two people become nothing more than an argument. They use their power, rank or anything that is better than what you have, in the conversation and put you down. They even tend to do this is front of other people in public and in front of family. All of this will take a toll on not only your personal well-being but also on your professional front.

arrogant in conversation

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5Constantly disrespecting you


There will be constant disrespecting behavior from your partner once they feel that the spark in the relationship is no more. The disrespect may come in the form of belittling you for your religious beliefs, anything that you like and which is priceless just for you, will be mocked and made fun of and all this will happen not just in the confines of the room, but in public and in front of the family as well.

Constantly disrespecting

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6The support becomes less and less


One of the major things that couples in relationships, build their life around is support for each other. Whether it is emotional support or professional support or even financial support, both the partners are equally responsible for providing support to each other in reaching not only individual goals but common goals as well. Some support also lies in things like hanging out with common friends, doing activities that the other partner likes and enjoy. But when this support starts to become less and less and then nonexistent, it is time to think about the relationship.

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7They make you feel worthless


Everyone has the right to be told by their partners that yes, everything is going great and you are doing an awesome job. This not only makes the relationship healthy, but then you also feel that you are worth something to your partner. But if the partner starts to pick up fights over the smallest of issues, nitpicks in front of others and belittles you, it is an attempt by them to make you feel worthless. Now, it is up to you to see if you want your dignity or relationship.

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Image Source: www.naciodigital.cat

8Sorry just becomes a word


Apologies do wonders for any relationship and if they come from your heart, it shows that you care about the relation and are ready to admit that you are wrong. But when the “sorry” becomes an empty gesture and there is no real meaning behind it, it shows that the care and concern and love in the relationship are no more. This can be very damaging for the mental health of the person on the receiving end of such empty apologies.

Sorry just becomes a word

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9They started cheating on you


The biggest change comes when the partners start cheating on their other half. Loyalty is the foundation of any relationship and when people move on so easily, the relationship just ends there. If the partner had really thought about it and cared for you, they would have never gone ahead and cheated on you. Better to end the relationship and move on.

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10They stop paying attention to you


They stop paying attention to you and do not even bother checking up on you. They take no interest in what you have to share and you might go on talking to them about how your day went or any plans for future and you might find them playing on the phone or just not caring enough.

They stop paying attention

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11They prefer company of their own friends


The worst thing is, not preferring the company of your partner and ditching them to go on a party with your circle of friends. You will not get even get asked to come on the trip that has been planned for the weekend and this will only be the beginning of marginalizing you from their lives. They will keep your priority level at the most basic one and everything else will come before you.

Enjoying with friends

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12Commitment issues


When the interest and magic in the relationship are gone, more often than not, people also start having severe commitment issues. If and when the issue of getting hitched or married will come up, you will find them making excuses and giving reasons to avoid making it official and you will find yourself questioning your stand in the relationship.

Commitment issues

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