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What happened when a wife decided to give her husband a cheating test?

By Apurwa Anand, 19 March 2017


Good communication, faith, and trust on your partner are the keys to any successful relationship. Many couples feel insecure in their relationships. Many experts believe that most of the relationship problems stem from poor communication. Experts advise couples to talk openly with their partners. This will not only remove the feeling of insecurity, but will also help in finding a better solution to the problem.

If you avoid open talk and are being suspicious or worried, it can sometimes lead to snooping in your significant other’s phone, checking what’s app messages, and Facebook profile. That’s what one wife did in a short story to check her husband's loyalty which has now gone viral on social networking sites. Continue reading to know what happened when she gave her husband a “cheating test.”

1 The letter

In the short story, a wife wanted to know what her husband would do and how he would react if she left him without informing where she had gone. She decided to write a letter to her husband saying she tried to contact him on his phone and did not want to go alone. After drafting the letter, she put the letter on the table and hides under the bed.


Image Source: www.parenttoolkit.com


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