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Twenty Two Reasons Why People Leave Soon After Saying “I Love You”

By Kavita Panyam, 28 October 2017


3Passion and Craze

For most, it is a physical attraction that kicks in the interest. They do not wait around to find out more about the person on their mind (again it is the mind and not the heart). The urge to get into the other person’s space as quickly as possible leads to saying “I love you” quite early during interactions without knowing them well. Physical attraction can drive one crazy to the point where one loses all sense of what is. The moment the craze is satiated, people move on fast. How? Because their need is met, and they find no reason to stay. Also, because staying any longer could fetch them questions they are looking to avoid. Why? As they never loved the person in the first place!

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4Peer Pressure and challenges were thrown

In many cases, it is peer pressure that leads to seeking a romantic partner. A bet or a challenge can make one go to any lengths just to satisfy the ego. Peer pressure has been known to land people in trouble. One such challenge could be setting out to woo someone just to win a bet. The thrill of winning this kind of a bet can be overwhelming, knocking the logical mind out of balance. When the bet is won, people exit just as fast as they arrived or even faster.

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Flirting is one of the ways by which you get someone to notice you. Playing along with the signs and coyness, one gets involved. If it is harmless flirting, people stop at a certain point and proceed no more. But habitual flirts are quite something else. These people proceed with the intention of luring a person. Most often the game ends soon after the other person falls in love and ends up declaring it.

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Loneliness is one of the biggest reasons why people want to get into a relationship. They find someone and fall in love with the idea of being in love rather than the person they have found themselves. When the illusion fades away, so does the feeling of love.

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7In search of happiness

People that are gloomy and sad look for relationships to make themselves happy. Little do they know that happiness is an inside job. Unless you are happy by yourself on your own, none can give you happiness. When you look for a partner to fill gaps, a void gets created. And when they find happiness missing in their relationship, they choose to leave.

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