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Twenty Two Reasons Why People Leave Soon After Saying “I Love You”

By Kavita Panyam, 28 October 2017


The very mention of love warms up the hearts of people of all ages. The usual story of meeting, liking and then professing love gives many people the goosebumps just by thinking about it. But many stories end right after declaring love for each other. You must have wondered why? We bring you some solid reasons.

1Heightened Emotions


When one admits to loving someone, emotions run high and people that cannot manage this phase tend to run away blaming the other person. Why get into something without knowing how to direct it? The answer is simple, one gets into it without much preparation which is why things fizzle out immediately after the heightened frenzy. Thinking about the other person all the time, fighting the urge to call/text can be very distressing. Things that happen fast tend to end much faster. So, it always good to go slow, however frustrating it might seem like.

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People get into relationships to quench their curiosity. You meet, and the sparks fly. Soon you are no longer shy to make your thoughts known. Notice that it has been mentioned as thoughts and not feelings. Initially, for some people attraction occupies just the mind and not the heart. In such cases, mind speaks its thoughts quite excitedly raising the tempo. This is the make or break phase. If one learns to handle this phase well, tears in the eyes would not well. It is wiser to wait till thoughts turn into feelings before you profess your love.

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