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The Main Reasons Why Modern Relationships are Falling Apart

By KK Angus, 25 June 2018


Modern relationships are falling apart every day. The idea of togetherness in 2018 is very different from that of 2008 or the years prior to that. Even a decade ago, the idea of a soulmate or marriage or the notion of spending your lifetime with one person was a viable dream for many. But today it's something rather unthinkable. But what brought about the collapse of the ‘relationship’?

Many people blame social media for this radical change. But that's not entirely true. Our obsession with social media can be kept in check. If we want we can keep our equation with our partners out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But that doesn't fix the fact that we are a lot more distrustful now. We might steer clear of social media but that doesn't mean our partners are doing the same. There are many other reasons why modern relationships are quite short-lived. Let's find out why.

1Why the lack of trust?


Social media experts have often commented that keeping your relationship and your partner out of the Instagram world is the wisest thing to do, especially if it has only been a few weeks that you’ve been dating. But it's a lot more complicated than that. You might be able to keep your partner away from the glare of social media but your partner might not do the same. Moreover, your partner's need for social media approval might differ from yours in a big way.

Why the lack of trust

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2Let's talk about the banter


One of the most consistent topics of arguments among couples is the idea of loyalty in the era of social media. Your partner might flirt with someone on Facebook or might chat up strangers, and at one level you are supposed to be okay with that. Can you really call them out if they send a friend request to somebody? No. Maybe it's a work connection or maybe it's a friendly one. The point is many times, you will be required to just have some faith. And it's not entirely easy.


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3So, this happened


For instance, in the last month, the relationship of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande stole the limelight. They met just a few weeks ago and are already engaged and have been blowing up Instagram with their loved-up posts. Their fans are worried that they might just fizzle out but the thing to know about millennial relationships are that they are all about instinct. You might think they are moving too fast but for them, it can be just perfect.

So, this happened

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4No communication?


Interestingly the rise of social media is a huge barrier to proper communication. If you think about it, people who are in a relationship never just pick up the phone and talk to each other anymore. There are a lot of nuances to good communication in a relationship but experts agree that even 5 minutes of open and clear communication can do a lot for your relationship.

No communication?

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5A like isn't enough


You'll notice that millennial couples usually indulge in a lot of social media loving. They like each other's posts, tag each other on their posts and make videos with each other. It's important to remember that this doesn't count as communication of any sort. Just because you have liked or reacted to each other on social media does not necessarily mean that you have stability with your partner or that you’re compatible.

A like isn

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