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The Main Reasons Why Modern Relationships are Falling Apart

By KK Angus, 25 June 2018


6Be realistic

You must not set unrealistic goals for your partner. Your relationship might not always have Instagrammable moments but that's normal. “The question isn’t, “Are you asking too much?” The question is, “Are you asking the appropriate amount, in light of the nature of the relationship right now?” The idea of “going all-in” is, “Hell yes. I want to ask my spouse to help make me feel loved and give me an opportunity to love somebody else and also [be] somebody who’s going to help me grow into an ideal, authentic version of myself. And I’m going do the same for him or her. I recognize that that is a massive ask and because I recognise that that’s a massive ask I’m going to make sure that we have sufficient time together,” says Eli Finkel a professor of social psychology.

Be realistic

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7Are you ready?

One of the major problems with modern relationships is the fact that there is no timeline as to how fast you should move with your partner. For instance, nobody tells you when it is okay to tell your friends about your girlfriend. Or to change your relationship status on Facebook. Before you tick off a major relationship milestone, reassess if you are ready for something serious.

Are you ready?

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8Is labelling important?


Most millennials hate putting a label on their relationships. You might have been with one guy for a year and you still might not want to label your relationship. And this should be fine. If both of you are on the same page and are happy with each other, there is no reason why you have to rush each other to be something you are not.

Is labelling important?

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9Zayn and Gigi did it

You can learn from favourite showbiz couple Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. They recently hit the headlines with their breakup after being together for more than a year. But days later, they got back together again. It is not always necessary to spell out where you stand with your partner. If you want to take a break, do it without making a big deal. Zayn insists that since both he and Gigi are adults, they can be in a relationship on their own terms.

Zayn and Gigi did it

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10Face the phobia

A commitment phobia is as real as it gets. Millennials have often talked about how much a serious, no-nonsense commitment to one person scares them. It's very important to face your fear. In fact if you're dating somebody, talk to them about what exactly makes you nervous. Again, communication is key in this situation.

Face the phobia

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