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The Main Reasons Why Modern Relationships are Falling Apart

By KK Angus, 25 June 2018


11Just too busy?

Millennial life is fast life. One of the many reasons why modern relationships are falling apart is definitely the lack of free time - time we can devote to the significant other in our life. Keeping up with our jobs, our friends, keeping up with our social media needs, spending time on ourselves, take up a lot of our time. Basically, we spend a lot more time working on ourselves than we used to a few years ago.

Just too busy?

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12There are no fast results

People in this era are so used to getting fast results for every problem than its affecting their relationships. Whenever we have a problem we Google our way out of it. If we have a fight we block the person. If we have a flat tyre we call for help. We are so accustomed to getting help for all our situations, we don't know what to do if a problem actually takes time to fix itself. Relationships take time and you must stop expecting that it will fix itself overnight just after one phone call.

There are no fast results

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13The false connection


You can often mistake a random encounter as a significant connection, or someone’s passing interest as something major. That is a mistake. “With our generation being so used to instant gratification, and used to being so easily accessible to each other, there’s a false sense of connection. I think the dating game is really isolating, even though [millennials] are immersed in so many different options. I think with my particular caseload, [men and women equally] want to have good-quality relationships, but don’t necessarily know how to find it,” says relationship counselor Alysha Jeney.

The false connection

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14Money does matter

Financial difficulties often make relationships go bad and millennials are coming to terms with the reality of it. You must keep your finances separate. Even if you find it easier to pool in your money, especially if you're living together, never get joint accounts. Especially too soon into a relationship. Draw a line when it comes to monetary issues. Nobody will judge you for being careful about your own money.

Money does matter

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15Not everything is love

As you navigate the dating world you will see not every good feeling is love. Just because you trust your partner or you two are happy does not mean that there is a sure shot chance that the relationship is a solid one or proof that you should take the plunge. Take time to understand what you and your partner need and then make decisions.

Not everything is love

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