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Which Type of TV Stand Should You Get?

By AK, 24 October 2019


Do you have a TV in your home? Most probably you do. Have you ever wondered about getting a TV showcase? If you haven’t, then you should think about getting one. They are great as they will add a little more space to make things organised. You can set up your TV set in your house or apartment and it will make things tidier. When you go to the market to buy it you will find that there are several models available. Which one should you choose?

You can check led tv units at urban ladder or find other models which work for you. To answer your question, here we will talk about some of the TV stands that you can purchase.

1Types of Usual TV stands:


Cabinet Style: This is one of the most common types of TV shelf that you will find in the market. This unit often has a cabinet surrounding the TV. It looks good and provides you more space to store things. You can use it as a bookshelf or you can keep little decorative things in it. You can either get one that has glass panes or you can go for those that are made of solid wood.

Open Shelve Style: This is one of the most minimalistic designs of TV stands as it doesn’t have many specifications. There are some naked shelves and you generally keep the TV at the top or you place it below your TV which hangs. They are affordable and good for houses that have a minimalistic theme.

Floating Style: This is one of the most common designs that you will see these days. By the name you can understand that the shelf floats as it is fitted to an invisible bracket set in the wall. A TV can be kept on top of the shelf or you can choose to hang it. They look good as they are floating and doesn’t lead to accumulation of dust, which generally happens in case of a shelf. This is best for those houses which have modern decor.

Types of Usual TV stands:

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Metal TV stands: If you have always seen wooden TV stand, then you are yet to notice the ones that are made of metal. They often feel like they have just arrived from the future. The shelves are sleek and weigh less than the wooden ones. If you want to experiment with the look of your house, then you can try metal TV stands.

Glass TV Stands: These are for those fancy people who like to get furniture that is made out of glass. We all have to agree that they do look great, but it is often a hassle to take care of them.

Always check the designs that are trending at the type as it will help you to choose a good model. Other than that also compare some products to get the best one. We hope that you get a good TV stand for your home.


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