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Russian Artist's Illustration Shows What Will Happen If Famous Characters Get Old, And Thor Is Too Cute

By Christopher Paul, 21 June 2018


Think about all the fictional cartoon characters we have seen while growing up: Ariel, Snow White or if you are a comics fan, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, etc. We have seen these characters while we grew up, we saw them evolve, change, grow but we never saw them age.

Today we have Lesya Guseva, a Perm-based Russian artist who just solved this problem by reimagining our favourite characters in their later years. She created a series called “Pensioners” in which she drew what she felt these characters would look like and would be doing in their older age.

Let’s take a look:

1The Flash


What would an old Barry Allen aka The Flash be doing in his old age? Being the fastest man on the planet he’s be trolling the nurses at the hospital or old age homes he’s in. Just because he’d in a wheelchair doesn’t mean can’t use the speed force. In a cool track suit with his signature mask, Barry looks like he’s having fun.

The Flash

Image Source: www.keblog.it

2Snow White And Captain America


This is something I could never have thought of, Captain America and Snow White? I’m not sure if they’re romantically involved but they do make a cute couple. Even at this age Steve Rogers hasn’t forgotten his roots and is always a gentleman even in the pouring rain.

Snow White And Captain America

Image Source: twimg.com

3Supergirl And Wonder Woman


What would Kara Zor-El and Princess Diana be doing in their later years? Did you picture them sitting with their grandchildren and telling them about their herotic adventures or sitting in a park bench feeding birds? Well, it’s the second one for now. Both women have aged gracefully and in clothes that do resemble their iconic outfits. It’s funny to see and aged Wonder Woman with her lasso of truth.

Supergirl And Wonder Woman

Image Source: www.ivi.ru

4Genie And Doctor Strange


This is a rather funny companionship as the differences between the two characters are vast to say the least. They are practically polar opposites of one another. They both have the power of the cosmos at their fingertips but wow, this image. Can’t even begin to imagine what their arguments would be like.

Genie And Doctor Strange

Image Source: media.melty.fr



This is an accurate prediction of Catwoman, an aged Catwoman in a room with the walls full of frames of cats and kittens. It’s funny to see her in her iconic cat outfit and mask but is still a treat. The cake looks delicious and with over 50 candles on it. Missing all her teeth is a funny touch.


Image Source: rbth.com


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