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12 Pregnancy Rules Every Royal Mother Needs To Follow

By KK Angus, 9 March 2018


The Royal family is all about rules and any woman who enters the family, be it a commoner or an aristocrat, has to abide by them. While Kate Middleton has had three smooth pregnancies, her late mother-in-law Princess Diana was a total rebel and did things her own way. 

A lot of people find future Royal Meghan Markle to be like Diana as she is so popular already and a total philanthropist. While Kate has always been a good, go-by-the-books Royal daughter-in-law, would Meghan be the same? Meghan had expressed a desire to start a family with Prince Harry. How many rules doe she have to follow? Let's have a look.

royal family

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1The Post-birth dress

Did you know the first outfit which the Royal mother wears in public after she gives birth is carefully chosen beforehand? You might have seen Kate wearing a simple blue dress to meet the media after Prince George was born, and thought it was a random pick. But is was not so. The dress which the mother is given to wear is usually a feminine one which is chic and yet simple.

The Post-birth dress

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2One hospital

All Royal babies are usually born at the luxe private wing of London's St Mary's Hospital. This trend has actually been an accepted one since Diana preferred the St Mary's. But it has been reported that for her third baby, Kate wants to try a home birth and avoid a hospital altogether.

St Mary's Hospital

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3No gender reveal


Gender reveal parties and announcements might be a big deal in the world of commoners. But the gender of a Royal baby is never revealed until it's birth. Sometimes even Royal couples don't know if they're having a boy or a girl till the last moment. Princess Diana, of course, knew both times that age is having boys. Kate and William also know the gender of the third baby but have not revealed it to the public yet.

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4The two children rule

Royal couples usually have two children. For instance, Princess Diana and Prince Charles and Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah both have had two children. Though Queen Elizabeth has four children and Kate is on her way to having three. Two children are the general Royal norm, going by the 'Heir and spare' saying.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

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