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10 Celebrities with surprisingly bad looking teeth - 2018 Update

By Jatin Sharma, 18 March 2017


Teeth are something that everyone notices when you meet them first. For celebrities, teeth are the first thing they need in proper form. Off colored, crooked, missing and chipped teeth are something that are universal turnoffs and celebrities, mostly use whatever ways they can in order to have the perfect white teeth and the perfect smile. But we have found 10 celebrities who have the worst teeth in show business.

1 Seal


Seal is a highly successful singer and songwriter and is also an ex-husband of supermodel Heidi Klum. Seal is highly recognizable due to scars on his face and for his teeth. His teeth are of misshapen shape and are everywhere. More noticeable is the gap between his upper front two teeth. But we can’t complain as he has dated two big and beautiful supermodels in Erica Packer and Heidi Klum.


Image Source: www.gigwise.com

2 Alexander Ovechkin


Being an ice hockey player is extremely hazardous to your teeth and Alexaner Ovechkin is a victim of that syndrome. One of the highest goal scorers in NHL and probably one of the most aggressive players on the ice, Ovechkin is not afraid of playing it hard when needed to and also throws punches. Along with a few lost teeth, he has amassed $100 million and enjoys a celebrity status like no one.

Alexander Ovechkin

Image Source: www.the-challenger.ru


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