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12 Pregnancy Rules Every Royal Mother Needs To Follow

By KK Angus, 9 March 2018


9Multiple first names

All Royal babies are given around two or three first names. It is a tradition which has survived for decades. And that is something Royal parents are supposed to maintain. Prince George, for instance, was originally named George Alexander Louis.

All Royal babies

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10The nannies

Selecting a nanny for royal babies is a huge deal. Since the parents are often quite busy with stately duties and appearances Royal babies stay with their nannies most of the time. But if a suitable nanny is not found, sometimes family members pitch in to take care of the baby. For instance, finding a nanny for Prince George was a lot of work for William and Kate. And Until they found a proper fit, Kate's mum Carol would often stay with George.

The nannies

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Every Royal baby usually only puts on cloth diapers. Prince George's aunt Pippa made news when she gifted tons of cloth nappies to George, but this rule goes for every royal baby. Synthetic diapers are a no-no in the Royal household.
The Prince George lookalike after his bath

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12Dads are traditionally banned from the delivery room

Royal dads most often aren't allowed in the delivery room. Though this rule has been relaxed over the years, it is still a custom.
queen and kate

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