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10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Had Their Smartphone Hacked

By Andrew Alpin, 5 March 2017


Selfies galore and media appearances is extremely important for a celeb to remain in the limelight. It is more so when that involves female celebrities who love to pout into the camera. But then what happens when certain members of the public start getting hold of such images? How do they appear public in the first place? It’s simple, it means the phone has been hacked and one of the biggest offenders was 36 year old Ryan Collins serving 18 months in federal prison Pennsylvania for hacking into no less than a hundred celeb accounts. Many offenders followed suit and here are 10 such cases of celebrities with hacked smartphones.

10 Jennifer Lawrence

At the height of her Hunger Games popularity, Jennifer Lawrence suddenly found leaked images from her cellphone doing the rounds of the internet. Some of the images were highly discreet and intimate poses and there were loads of them. Lawrence of course saw red and got pissed at anyone looking at them. Of all the celebs, hers was the most aggressive stance taken against the leakage and it was of course because hers was the most popular.


Image Source: www.glamour.com

9 Aly and AJ

The Michalka sisters had it going for them in 2004. While Aly stars in several CW dramas AJ is Lainey Lewis of hit sitcom ‘the Goldberg’s”. Both profess strong religious beliefs and it was a huge shock when leaked images hit the net showing them wearing nothing but sheets. The sisters of course had admitted they weren’t that strict with religion as they used to be.

Aly and AJ

Image Source: mtv.com

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