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12 Pregnancy Rules Every Royal Mother Needs To Follow

By KK Angus, 9 March 2018


5Six godparents

Normal babies might get one or two godparents but not Royal babies. All Royal babies usually get at least 6 godparents. They can be their uncles, aunts or other close relatives. Princess Charlotte is an exception as she has five godparents including Princess Diana's niece. Prince George has 7 godparents.

godparents royal family

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6Breastfeeding is a must

Many modern mums are ditching breastfeeding and while that is okay, royal mums are almost bound by protocol to breastfeed their baby. There is, of course, no official rule, but starting from the Queen to Princess Diana, every Royal has breastfed their child as it is considered to be incredibly healthy for the baby.

Kate Middleton Prince william playing with baby

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7Royals dads get paternity leave


Royal fathers are obviously a lot more privileged than regular fathers. They get paternity leaves upon the birth of their child, which is virtually a non-existent thing in a commoner dad's life. This also helps out the Royal mum as she does not have to do all of it alone.

Royals dads get paternity leave

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8The Queen always knows first

It's a Royal tradition that the Queen must be the first to know upon the birth of a Royal child. In fact, reports suggest that there is a special private telephone connection which she generally uses and William reportedly called her on that line to tell for about George's birth.

Royal Family Stamp

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