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15 Pictures That Can Surely Make You Question Your Own Vision

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 4 June 2018


We believe what we see but it’s not always true and sometimes it may be the result of a trick by camera. It might also be a photograph that may have been clicked just at the right moment and we don’t get it at the first glance.

Here we present 15 such pictures that will make you question your vision and you’ll rub your eyes, thinking how this could be possible. Nevertheless, there is no magic and it’s simply the trick of clicking the pictures that have made them extraordinary. To understand them, you just need little presence of mind and good observation skills!

Scroll down and test your vision!

1A beautiful and natural skirt

Flowers are loved by everyone as they are not only beautiful but also make the atmosphere positive by spreading their fragrance. People keep flowers inside the house as well as in rooms to add to the elegance but sometimes, they became part of lovely memories just like in this photo.

A beautiful and natural skirt

Image Source: files.sharenator.com

2Is it concrete?

To most of us, it may look like concrete or very few might think of it to be some wallpaper but guys just hold on, it’s neither of them. These are the buildings of Santosh Park and Uttam Nagar area, New Delhi, India, and these photographs have been taken by the satellites.

Is it concrete?

Image Source: i.imgur.com

3Butterfly with a unique design


Some people may ask as to what so unique about this butterfly is because it looks just like any other butterfly with a colorful design on it. However, if a little more attention is paid, you will see that the butterfly has a number written on its wings. Did you get it?

Yes, that’s right! The number is 80.

Have you seen any other butterfly with a number on its wings?

Butterfly with a unique design

Image Source: static.keptelenseg.hu

4The extra-long hand

It seems as if the man who is standing behind the girl has kept his hand on the chair and it gives an impression that his hand is extra-long. However, in reality, the hand on the chair is that of the girl herself. It’s just that the guy has come in the same line and the timing of the photograph is just perfect.

The extra-long hand

Image Source: .redditmedia.com

5Half dog half woman

Remember Centaurs from the Harry Potter series? Here also the woman seems to belong to the same group, the only difference being that she is half dog, not the horse.

The woman is dressed in a lower which is of the same color as the dog. Moreover, the position of the dog and the woman coincides in such a manner that it gives an impression of her being somewhat like centaur.

Half dog half woman

Image Source: daily.rabbitstatic.com


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