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15 Hilarious Photos That Prove Marriage Is Not for the Faint-Hearted

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 8 June 2018


Some people find marriage extremely scary, but others don’t. The thing is, marriage is nothing more than just a commitment to someone you love. It’s not like you’re marrying someone you know for two days. You’re only committing to someone you’ve known for years, and that’s pretty much it.

Or at least that’s the definition. When it comes to the practical side of marriage, you’ll probably notice few changes after the wedding is over and you all get comfortable with each other. But do not worry, these changes are mostly positive.

They're not really changing, but sort of precious little moments. Like for example, your husband could try to microwave a t-shirt to dry it faster. That is an idea that you’ll only experience after you’ve said the traditional wedding vows.

But don’t you worry, because these little silly moments are the memories that you’ll be reminiscing 20 years from now with a smile on your face.

1The real wedding photo

Is this how “the happiest day of your life” looks like? They both look super confused, or maybe they weren’t ready for the photo. On the other hand, weddings are beautiful and all that but they can also be very exhausting.

The real wedding photo

Image Source: img.putmelike.com

2Dating, engagement, and marriage

This is a great idea and even though it looks sad…it really isn’t. Collecting the flower petals from the stages of a relationship doesn’t look romantic. In a matter of fact, it looks like the passion is slowly dying, but there’s a different side of this story. When you’re married and you have kids, there’s way more responsibilities that you have to deal with, and buying roses is no longer a priority.

Dating, engagement, and marriage

Image Source: files.adme.ru

3The cat looks confused


Raising a child is not a joke people. You’re responsible for a human being until it’s at least 18-years-old. You need to be prepared for every situation. This guy captured his wife practicing swaddling on their cat. The swaddling looks perfect…but the cat looks shocked.

The cat looks confused

Image Source: i.imgur.com

4Don’t microwave a t-shirt

We’ve all tried different homemade tricks that we’ve seen on YouTube or something. But using a microwave to dry a t-shirt faster is not one of them. Even though it sounds just a little bit logical, it doesn’t work.

Don’t microwave a t-shirt

Image Source: vilagunk.hu

5The poop situation

There’s no privacy in marriage, even when it comes to the bathroom. The picture above looks confusing, but this is the story behind it: “I took a loud poo and the wife laughed. I got home from work to find this waiting for me.”

The poop situation

Image Source: files.brightside.me


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