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36 Perfectly Timed Photographs That Will Twist Your Mind

By Andrew Alpin, 13 May 2018


The Smartphone has led to a boom of spontaneous amateur photography leading to some jaw-dropping photos that may not scream technical excellence but are certainly jaw-dropping in creativity. Due to this, there is an explosion of such amazing photos on social media some taken at such split-second timing to make you sit up and wonder is it real or good photoshopping. But be surprised in knowing, many of these are actually the result of being there with a camera on at the right time. These are split-second photographs among which some may truly blow your brains. Take a look at these perfectly timed photos that will force you to look twice especially the last one that is mind-blowing.

1 The animal skyscraper

From the looks of this photograph, it clearly shows that these two giraffes are wondering what exactly is that thing in the sky although, they don’t seem afraid. They most probably see small aircraft flying over them every day. The photograph itself is awesome because of the angle that makes it appear as if the giraffe is got a toy in its mouth. 

The animal skyscraper

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com

2Where did she come from?

Obviously whoever shot this photograph has a great sense of humor or of course it was a result of multi-clicks that as yielded something to laugh and talk about. A brilliant shot and looks as if she is peeking out of his backside at the wrong time. 

Where did she come from

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

3When lightning strikes


Living in a concrete jungle, rarely do we take time out to watch a thunderstorm which can be quite spectacular. This photographer looked out of his window and clicked this spectacular shot that isn’t easy to get. Lightning is so fast; you have to be very patient to photograph it. 

When lightning strikes

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com

4Dragon dog

Talk about the right photograph angle, this is truly a creative shot as the person taking it must have noticed the fantastic opportunity for a crazy photograph.

 Dragon dog

Image Source: www.newslinq.com

5Out of the blue

If you are still wondering if this is photoshop, then to enlighten you, when a plane reaches supersonic speed, a boom is created by compressing the air around it and leaving a spherical cloud. This is split-second photography. 

Out of the blue

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com


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