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15 Things Only People With Short Girlfriend Understand

By KK Angus, 21 May 2018


Not to sound offensive, but short partners can really, really help you out. Men with shorter girlfriends have almost always talked about how much easier it is if their girlfriends are shorter than them, for many reasons.

There are however some pitfalls to having a shorter girlfriend. For instance, you will always end up getting things from the higher shelf, and have them on your feet for support while dancing. You might have seen movies or shows where the woman is shorter and it's all cute until it's not. You have to say yes to a whole lot of toe-dancing and getting stuff from the high closets and holding the umbrella. Let's have a look at what really happens when your girlfriend is shorter than you.

1The perfect stair


For instance, if your girlfriend is shorter than you, and than most average people, you probably have a short ladder in the closet so that she could reach up to her clothes, and also your clothes. But you should get closet stairs anyways since they are totally stylish.

The perfect stair

Image Source: roaylthings.com

2This happens every time


Your girlfriend probably wears your clothes all the time. From your baggy shirts to your denims. Boyfriend denims exist for a reason. But ever notice how your sweater looks like a dress on her? She could just throw it on along with some stockings and she is ready to go.

Work jumper

Image Source: royalthings.com

3The shower adjustment


This happens a lot - we know. When a shorter person showers before you, your girlfriend or your friend or your sibling, the removable shower head is always adjusted up to their height. Nothing is more annoying than your shower not reaching above your head.

The shower adjustment

Image Source: providr.com

4Merry Christmas


Ever try taking a picture with a person who is too short? Look at this picture for example. The guy took a picture with his girlfriend in front of a Christmas tree, but getting the tree in focus also meant cutting his girlfriend from the picture.

Merry Christmas

Image Source: providr.com

5Adjustable shelves?


Never piss off your girlfriend, especially if she is shorter than you. She will re-adjust all the furniture and shelves and it will definitely be a huge problem for you. Unless you want to spend half the time in your day hunched over or bending down, just so you can make some coffee.

Adjustable shelves

Image Source: www.cooler.sk


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