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15 Things Only People With Short Girlfriend Understand

By KK Angus, 21 May 2018


6Not a good prank

Shorter people always find creative ways to amuse you and bother you in the same measure. If your girlfriend wants to play a prank on you, she will go shopping with you and just crawl into some storage space or a shelf. Good luck finding her in Target.

Not a good prank

Image Source: http://voobsheogon.ru

7Human armrest

Something you can only have if you have a short girlfriend - a human armrest. Ever try resting your hand on her head? With a bit of strategic placement, it would be pretty convenient for game nights or movie nights.

Human armrest

Image Source: lajk.iprima.cz

8Concert buddy?


We'll just say it. Short people make for the worst concert buddies. You'll end up carrying your girlfriend throughout the entire concert just so that she can get a good view, and you probably won't even get to enjoy the show. Called it!

Concert buddy

Image Source: piximus.net

9This is new

This soccer player uses his soccer to rest his girlfriend so that they can stand on the same level to kiss. While we are on the subject, kissing is also an ordeal for shorter people, as you have to find the right level.

This soccer player kissing

Image Source: viralman.gr

10The umbrella crisis

If you have a short girlfriend, you got to hate the rains. Because you will end up carrying the umbrella for her for the entire monsoon. For a while, it's cute, until your arm starts to hurt. Though this guy looks pretty cool with it, we're pretty sure he regrets his decision.

The umbrella crisis

Image Source: providr.com


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