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15 Things Only People With Short Girlfriend Understand

By KK Angus, 21 May 2018


11Always a bad selfie

Selfies always end up suffering from the height difference between you and your girlfriend. Especially if you want to show off your PDA. This picture for instance, which only has the girl and not the guy, who we are guessing is the taller one.

Always a bad selfie

Image Source: petmaya.com

12Not again

We know in social media posts, people always notice the woman more, but people also need to get their selfie basics right. Especially for trickier ones like these. The guy is not even visible in this.

Social media posts

Image Source: straitstimes.com

13This is actually cute


Side note: Shorter girlfriend also means you get to be pretty creative about all the PDA. Take this couple for instance, keeping it sporty and yet classy.

This is actually cute

Image Source: www.meekhao.com

14The stand-on counter

Every couple with a height difference can relate to this. If you have a short girlfriend, she must be pretty adept at working atop a counter. yes, we mean atop. There has to be a counter which she likes to climb.

The stand-on counter

Image Source: CatDumb.com

15The forever-shelved

Every guy with a short girlfriend has made his peace with reaching for stuff on higher shelves. Like every person who's not tall enough is accustomed to asking for help, or maybe using a stick.

The forever-shelved

Image Source: providr.com


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