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25 Extremely Lucky Situations That Could Have Ended Very Differently For Those Who Were Involved

By Andrew Alpin, 17 May 2018


Life is full of ups and down and sometimes fate isn’t always on your side. But then again lady luck acts in mysterious ways and pulls us out of a bad situation. Just when you thought you could never be unluckier, luck intervenes and saves you. Take a look at 25 photographs of people who clearly had lady luck on their side.

1She almost lost her camera

This amateur photographer was shooting a few photographs when she left her camera on her truck bumper. She even drove off with the camera still lying there. After a while, she remembered and lucky for her the camera was still there. Thank goodness for a smooth road or else it would have long been gone. 

Camera on car trunk

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com

2Her foot was barely saved

This woman was working with her scissors in the kitchen when she suddenly dropped them. Of course, that was an accident but just take a look at where it fell, just a little away from her foot. Thank god, it landed there because a few inches more and she would be needing to extract scissors from her foot. 

Scissors near foot

Image Source: imgur.com

3A close call


This man was forced to slam his brakes when a truck in front of him carrying rebars stopped abruptly in front of him. As you can see this was one close call although his T-shirt didn’t make it through and he was saved by a fraction of a millimeter it seems. 

Forced to slam his brakes

Image Source: ipstatp.com

4Saved by being late

The woman who clicked this photograph was late for work by just 30 seconds but before she could rush out to get her car, she saw this. Lucky for her she was late or else the photo might have been a selfie from an awkward angle. 

Saved by being late

Image Source: pixmafia.com

5When lady luck smiles

This man had just stepped out of his car when his key slipped and fell. Just look where it landed, can anyone get luckier than that. It’s a wonder how the key didn’t slip through the grate. 

When lady luck smiles

Image Source: boredomtherapy.com


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