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This is What Your Favorite Movie Scenes Look Like In Real Life

By KK Angus, 22 May 2018


A lot of hilarious pictures recently surfaced online where the real pictures from fantasy film sets devoid of all the CGI were revealed, when they were being filmed. Ever imagine what the Beast from Beauty and the Beast had to wear to shoot his scenes? or what the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean had to go through?

Shooting for sci-fi or fantasy films in Hollywood includes a lot of ridiculous dressing up and doing a lot of really lame things. If you have ever seen Daenerys Targaryen petting an imaginary dragon, you'll know. But then the Emmys and Academy Awards don't come easy. As Hollywood progressed with technological advancements, filming science fiction or horror movies changed and their treatments changed too. In fact, CGI is used very differently now, and a lot of forethought goes into it. Which is how we can explain the weird scenes. So, here are the most phenomenal movie scenes which looked pretty funny when they were being shot.

1Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen petting a dragon is pretty common, we'd think. But Khaleesi petting a green shapeless thing which will be turned into a dragon with CGI? Quite a site. The prop was actually manipulated to look like a dragon in the show. This is actually a stellar example of how things actually work in fantasy shows or movies. People also pointed out that the actor emoting the scenes has to be immensely skilled. When the picture was released, GOT fans were quite amused, and these photos were immediately turned into memes.

Game of Thrones

Image Source: pinterest.com


You think Black Widow is pretty kickass? Well, she is. But she didn't really face fire like you were led to believe in the Avengers movie. And neither did Captain America's shield protect her and Thor. In fact, there was no fire involved during filming. Crazy right?

Avengers during shoot

Image Source: neskuchno-news.com



Find the robots terrifying in RoboCop? One look at the shooting stills might help. Did you ever believe that filming for the biggest sci-fi film ever involved a hi-tech bandana and goggles? Better believe it.

Making of RoboCop

Image Source: www.gdnonline.com

4King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The battle sequence in which the army is in, formation and shooting arrows at the enemy is actually not shot against ice-capped mountains, but a bunch of green screens. Not so magical, huh?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Image Source: designyoutrust.com

5The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins and his squad were actually surrounded by green screens and strategically placed lights in place of Middle Earth. Which means the castle was totally manipulated graphically.

The Hobbit

Image Source: www.complex.com


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