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10 Most popular theories about how 'The Walking Dead' might end

By Milos Kitanovic, 4 November 2017


Whether you are talking about the comic book series, the show or even the video game, one thing is certain: "The Walking Dead" has gained an enormous popularity over the years. So it's no wonder that the fans around the world have come up with all sorts of theories about how their favorite show might end. But before delving into the most popular theories out there, we are going to give you a fair warning: This article will contain spoilers for all seven seasons. With that being said, let's begin our countdown for the top 10 theories about how "The Walking Dead" might end.

10The cure will be found

With all the bloodbath that we've seen in the show so far, it's hard to imagine that Rick's group will ever get some time off anytime soon. After all, we are talking about the seven seasons of different groups fighting each other. And judging by Season 8 trailer, the show will continue to go down that very same path. With all of this in mind, it's safe to say that walkers are not the enemy here - humans are. So even if there is a cure, humans will always find a reason to fight amongst themselves. Whether it's because supplies, guns or just a supremacy - there will always be some conflict. Not to mention that the so-called "happy ending" would be such a boring way to conclude the otherwise amazing series.

walking dead cure will be found

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9Walkers' brain will evolve

Given how unpredictable this show is, some fans have come up with the most unexpected ending. According to this theory, there's a high possibility that The Walkers will evolve. Even though it doesn't seem like this could happen anytime soon given the current condition walkers are in, who is to say that the evolution of their brain won't be possible at some point in the future? But what will they do with it? Maybe they'll use it to negotiate some kind of a peace treaty with humans. Or worse, they could form a strategy to eliminate the humans once and for all. Either way, this ending would be far better than the one including finding the cure for the virus.

Walkers' brain will evolve

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