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15 Moments From The Royal Wedding You Definitely Missed

By KK Angus, 23 May 2018


It has happened - Meghan Markle has married Prince Harry and the world now has Duke and Duchess of Sussex. And while their beautiful ceremony takes the icing and the cake, there have been some awkward moments during the ceremony, you probably didn’t catch, as you were too mesmerized by the glorious beauty of it all.

For instance, are you aware that their very famous wedding guest Oprah had a situation with her dress? Or that Harry broke some major protocols during his wedding? Also, Harry’s exes made for quite fascinating show-stealers. So, let’s have a look at some of the most attention-worthy moments from the Royal wedding.

1Kate’s side-eye

During the Reverend’s beautiful and long speech at the Royal wedding which made major headlines by the way, Kate Middleton was seen throwing some possible shade. Kate gave a side-eye glance to her mum-in-law Camilla, as they were seated together. People assume her side-eye might have been in mockery. Or it might just have been that Kate was trying to get through it.

Kate's side-eye

Image Source: her.ie

2Guests fell asleep

We know a Royal wedding can be very long and quite tedious, but that’s no excuse to fall asleep. It’s the event of the decade, for god’s sake! Guests at the wedding were pictured dozing off during the ceremony, as time went by. In fact, some people looked rather impatient to just get on with it.

Guests fell asleep

Image Source: www.weddedwonderland.com

3Why did Harry turn?


Prince Harry was the show-stealer at his own wedding, but he also broke some protocols while at it. For instance, he turned to look at Meghan Markle as she was walking down the aisle with his father Prince Charles. This is not something Prince William did, as according to the royal tradition, the groom can’t look at the bride until she has reached the altar.

Prince Harry broke protocole

Image Source: www.weddedwonderland.com

4Playing with each other's hands

A Royal couple usually swears off all kinds of PDA and Prince William and Kate obviously follow that policy. And on their wedding day especially, nobody expects them to be cheeky. But Harry and Meghan were seen playing with each other’s hands during the ceremony. This is something the Internet obviously noticed and made quite a lot of memes out of it.

Playing with each other’s hands

Image Source: www.instagram.com


5When Charlotte pulled a Harry

A lot of people call Princess Charlotte a blonde doppelganger of her uncle Harry, and the Royal wedding was just proof of that. As she was arriving at the venue, Charlotte was seen pulling off some funny faces from her car, just like Harry would do at times, when he was a kid.

When Charlotte pulled a Harry

Image Source: www.weddedwonderland.com



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