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Want To Make Memes For A Living? Here Are 10 Topics To Start With!

By Anita Dhaveji, 23 March 2018


It’s that time of the year. You’re quite tired of your job, you can’t take your boss’ tantrums any more and you could really do with a change. What do you do? Well, become a professional meme maker of, course! Worried, that’s not even a word? Welcome to the Meme World, where there is only one rule: If it’s funny, meme it. Stephen Hawking famously said,

“Where there is life, there is hope.” He forgot to add, “Where there is hope, there are memes.”

funny memes

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1Well, of course, Donald Trump

Amongst his other qualities, Donald Trump definitely has the knack for this one: To be incredibly funny. (intended or not) Looks like the President of the United States Of America has another one of his dream fulfilled: He’s the face of (many) memes! And who doesn’t want that, right? There are way too many good ones to count, but here’s one for you to start off with. Bet he likes this one too!

 Donald Trump memes

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2Meme=Comedy and Comedy=Jim Carrey

If we are going to talk about memes, we have to talk about the Godfather of Comedy aka Jim Carrey. The Hollywood superstar, known for Dumb and Dumber, Man On The Moon, The Truman Show and Liar, Liar, amongst a few. Jim Carrey is especially popular for his slapstick, sarcastic and energetic humour, which makes him a hot favourite in the Meme World.

Jim Carrey

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3It’s our favourite pastime: Netflix and Chill!


What’s a better topic to make memes about and create an uproar on the internet? To make memes about the one thing that we’re all addicted to Netflix! So much our time (let’s not get into that) goes into deciding what to watch on Netflix and then ultimately watching it anyway, that you have a long list of memes ready to share with your fellow Netflix lovers!

Netflix and Chill!

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4When in doubt, rely on News

Can’t think of topics to make memes about? Why worry when you have just about 7208289 news channels ready with content! Just pick a current issue, think of a joke that will make people lighter, have a good laugh and there you go, meme of the day: done and dusted!

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