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Married Couple Points Out Everyday Problems With An Interesting Twist

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 23 May 2018


Most of the times we are looking forward to celebrate big moments of our lives but the real fact is that the real happiness lies in celebrating each and every moment of our lives.

Andreas and Mac Håndlykken from Oslo, Norway tend to portray the little moments of their lives on the canvas of webcomics in a funny style. In this manner, they are not just dealing with their daily issues but they are also bringing smile on the faces of their fans and followers.

While Mac takes care of the line work, it is Andreas who fill the color in the image and the couple puts forth a perfect example of a great teamwork.

We are presenting some work of theirs which depicts the issues faced by them and the other couples as well:

1Nice to have a cat


Having a cat or any other pet is a lovely feeling but with them comes their furry hair which gets stick here and there. However, the love and affection that cat gave make everyone forget about the problem arise because of their hair and she becomes a permanent member of the house: 

Nice to have a cat

Image Source: www.instagram.com

2Love for hot and chili sauce


This one is for those who are crazy for hot and chili sauce despite the fact that it burns everything once you taste it. You know the after-effects but you still mix the sauce with the food and enjoy getting burned, that’s the true spirit of a food and sauce lover! 

Love for hot and chilli sauce

Image Source: www.langweiledich.net

3First thing in the morning


Most of us have a habit of drinking tea or coffee in the morning otherwise we don’t feel good. However, there are some of us who need coffee for even opening our eyes and we can smell that it is being made and we go to that place like a robot and turn into humans just after one sip of coffee.

First thing in the morning

Image Source: viralmemes.co

4Looking at the mobile screen at 4 am


Well, our eyes don’t like it when they are made to look at the mobile screen at 4 am in the morning as we are in a sleeping mode at that time. Our eyes feel uncomfortable a lot when the mobile screen light flashes and at that time, the mobile screen seems brighter than the sunlight. 

Looking at the mobile screen

Image Source: www.instagram.com

5The hairstyle


The long hair of the girl may give some problem to the boy as he may feel itchy while sleeping. At one point of time, he may feel that girl’s hair is trying to make a hold of him and he feels entangled in the girl’s hair. This may be a dream or imagination but certainly, almost every couple felt it. 

The hairstyle

Image Source: www.strekinstinkt.com


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