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Married Couple Points Out Everyday Problems With An Interesting Twist

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 23 May 2018


1Exercising together

What a great feeling it is when the couple decides to start exercising together after a big time gap. Everything seems fine until the real situation of the body gets discovered within the first 30 seconds and it is enough to frighten everyone. The painting clearly depicts how we are leading unhealthy lifestyles and how irresponsible we have become towards our health. 

Exercising together

Image Source: www.strekinstinkt.com

7Problems tall person faces in rainy season

If you are a tall person then you must have faced such situation when every short person’s umbrella must be getting hit at your face or eye. The whole rainy season, the tall people find themselves getting hit by an umbrella and they desperately wait for the rainy season to get over and autumn to come. 

Problems tall person faces in rainy season

Image Source: worldnewsxl.com

8New look as facial hair removed


There’s no denying the fact that facial hair affects the looks of a man to a great extent and that’s why people don’t mind spending a huge sum on the trimming of their beard or mustache to make them stylish. It enhances their facial features and if not done according to the face-cut, it can have adverse effects too, just like this man who tries not to shave his beard as his face gets converted from a caveman to that of a baby.

 New look as facial hair removed

Image Source: kn3.net

9Spider at home

Ladies are pretty afraid of spiders and bugs and they tend to keep sprays at home and use it as they saw a spider. However, the lady gets so panic that she starts running from here and there and if the spider doesn’t dies instantly, she starts believing that wrong spray has purchased. The spray also affects the different bugs making her feel strongly that it is the wrong spray.

Spider at home

Image Source: todaytrek.com

10Household chores or superhero duty

Men usually don’t find household chores interesting and they might have their own ways to make some work exciting! See how this man escaped into the world of imagination where garden hose has become a flamethrower and he’s thinking of himself as no less than a superhero while bush is some villain or evil character whom he’s trying to burn with fire. Well, during this all, don’t forget to ensure that neighbors are not staring at you.

Household chores or superhero duty

Image Source: www.demilked.com/


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