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Married Couple Points Out Everyday Problems With An Interesting Twist

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 23 May 2018


11Not so happy dog person

Many times we have seen that people who keep dogs as pets tend to mix with other people easily. However, there are some egoistic person with attitude who may be the owner of a dog but haven’t learn how to interact with the other person. They are self-engrossed people who need to open up their eyes and see that the world is a beautiful place and they need to have fun too. 

Not so happy dog person

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12Spider is back

A woman is so scared of spider and lizard that whenever she sees them, these creatures appear to be much larger in size as if they would come and just swallow her or harm her. However, the fact is that they are pretty smaller in size as compared to human beings and even a cat can hit them. What an irony! Humans are not scared of cat and keep it as a pet but fear from a small spider whose life can be taken by one hit of cat’s claw.

Spider is back

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13Workouts while doing household chores


An exercise deprived person tries to do workout wherever and whenever possible and what better way it can be to use the shopping packets for making muscles. If this is your situation then understand that your body is demanding exercises and you need to make a schedule for it as soon as possible. 

Workouts while doing household chores

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14Going office on Sunday

Getting late for work is a nightmare for all of us and sometimes warnings from the boss are so scary that people don’t want to get late even in their worst dreams. The man wakes up with the ringing of alarm and is making all the possible efforts to be on time. Just when he’s about to catch the bus, he gets up from sleep and realizes that it’s Sunday.

 Going office on Sunday

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15Getting hit repeatedly

We face it daily and even though things are at their specific places, we feel that they have come on our way and hit us to just when we were lost in our thoughts. Don’t we think that it’s completely the fault of the furniture because we were walking around carefully and safely? 

Getting hit repeatedly

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