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Lust Or Love? These Ten Points Will Clear Your Confusion

By Farzana Patowari, 22 November 2017


Are you in search of a relationship advisor? You are not able to identify what real love is and on account of which you are stuck between relationship issues? Chill, it is not that big thing to deal with. Love is when it is expressive and conveying. It becomes true when it is not done to criticize, demonize, or demoralize. True love is when we are with the person we love the most.

We are cherishing and appreciating our partner. It is true when we express our needs and communicate what we want, not to attack or bully our lover. When it is all about feelings and not just time pass, it is true love. It is when people have different definitions of love which express same content. It can be Shakespearean sonnets or fairy tales or even at the bed. It is pure and genuine. Its nature is true, and it is priceless.

1It is Unconditional

If a person forgets ego and it has a long-lasting effect on you, then it is surely a sign of true love. No temperament or ego issues can be found in relationship. They might ruin the relationship. Let go egoistic nature and just feel the romanticism. It is unconditional. It is beyond one’s imagination, and thus it has a sole choice of loving eternally.

Loving someone gives you strength but to be loved by someone is strength full. It is true when you are ready to accept the person for his flaws and mistakes, and you appreciate the goodness.

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2It is Deep and Sarcastic

It is deep in the sense that the feelings can be developed deeply. It is when you are genuine and open to the person. It is sarcastic as it is known to reduce tension, conflict, and anger. It makes you laugh together. When you too agree on the same issue, and you can laugh out loud on an irrelevant issue, it is true love.

It is not always about expressing or saying. It is communicating and apprehending as well. It is listening as well. You tend to get closer as much as you listen. It is understanding and active listening.

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3Trust is The Premise, The Mild Stone


The mild stone of love is trust. Love gets developed on its own. Be it risk, or any problem, the assurance of getting moral support whenever needed strengthens the person. It is not about choices; it is about making the best moments together.

It is an opportunity to flourish more and more. It is more of mutual respect and understanding and less of physical relationship. It is not who is best and who is worst; it is how things take place when you are together. It is all about support and the confidence of person being with someone special.

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4It is Based on Behavior

Love is not about aggression; it is all about attraction. It is being someone’s bae and being loved eternally. It is when being loved is normal, and the fun is continuous. All in all, it is effortless, but it is strong. It can be said that it is an extension of own true nature.

You discover the best moments now and then and that is what makes you to be closer every time. You won’t care if things wrong, for you have that special person at your side. There is not force, not convincing act: everything takes place automatically and with the mutual acceptance.

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5It is Full of Acceptance

True love is the sustained form of love. It may take time, but it goes on strengthening with time. It is receipt and acceptance. It is sometimes about fulfilling the male desire and sometimes about female’s need. It is sometimes physical whereas sometimes emotional.

No one is judgmental, but both judge the world for their sake. It is not always about receiving but also giving or offering. It is taking initiative and selfishness doesn’t exist there. It is accepting it the way it is and not changing it. It is not confined to expectations. It is accepted as well.

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6It is Responsibility of Both The Partners


It is healing up. It is the sense of feeling safe and secured in the arms of another person. It is known to heal up the pain and to let you grow. It is not hurtful as it is free from egoistic behavior.

Whenever love is true, it leads to growth at personal as well as spiritual level. It may take time but it is everlasting, and it is accurate. It has loyalty and emotional stability. Boys have the strength to take care of girls whereas girls are apt enough to fulfill the physical needs of them.

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7It has these common signs

Love is true when it is full of communication and companionship. It occurs when it is all about lust, trust and belongings adorned with affection. It has secret sharing or discussing the events, spending the lives and to have numerous experiences. It has traveling, dancing, romantic walk, candlelight dinner and many more.

A couple of experiences Celebration in good times and to cry on bad days etc. All of them are the signs of true love. It is always about communication. Struggling may take place, but together they are ready to compensate and to express their feelings.

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8It Should Also Have Intimacy

Love is true when it is full of fear and it has a mutual understanding. It is full of hope and complications are not seen. Kisses and hugs are common, and pleasure is the all-time companion. There is no need for romantic movies or passionate songs, the intimacy of couples can make it up. Starting off the day with a tight hug and to end a day with a goodnight kiss keeps the relationship alive and that is the usual thing in a relationship.

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