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Twenty Two Things That Are Just Not Acceptable When You’re in a Relationship

By Kavita Panyam, 31 October 2017


When you think of relationships, the image of a happy couple basking in love appears in your mind. Who wouldn’t love to be a part of such a blessed relationship? But did you know that there are some important factors that should never be tolerated in an intimate relationship? Sometimes, people stay put and suffer silently in relationships as they are mostly unaware of these factors and might be under the misconception of these being normal. We have compiled a list of some such important things that are not to be tolerated in a relationship.

1Blunt and Rude communication


People tend to get rude when they are upset and angry over specific issues. Blunt behavior can be quite unappealing and should never be tolerated. Things can be communicated in a cogent manner and one need not resort to being blunt, humiliating and rude. Being blunt is often mistaken for being frank. The two are totally different things. Should you find your partner resorting to this behavior all the time, know that it is time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Blunt and Rude communication in relationship

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2Demanding you to change


When two people come together, it is quite natural to step on each other’s toes in the initial stages. While it becomes important to mold yourself to a certain extent to adjust better in the relationship, it is certainly not right if you are being asked to change yourself completely for your partner.


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