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The Image You See First Reveals A Lot about Your Current Nature and Personality

By Adreianna Alexes, 13 November 2017


Everyone loves a good psychological test now and then as it makes good reading and a chance to dig deep into your personality. While there are many online, some are truly unique in the manner of testing such as these, where the image you see first reveals your personality.

Given below are two in one images entwined with one another designed in such a way that your mind registers only one image at first glance. Don’t prolong too long over an image. Only regard what you see first as that image is the one that will give you the correct analysis of your personality. The test is based on 3 kinds of optical illusions such as literal illusions that can create images different from the actual ones that make them. Cognitive illusions resulting from unconscious reasoning and psychological illusions that result from excessive stimulation. So go ahead and take the test

1What image do you see first?

What image do you see first

Image Source: www.recreoviral.com

From the image above, what did you see first? Did you see a crocodile or boat?

If you saw a Crocodile

If your mind registered a crocodile first, it means that you are a very practical person. You go through life safely without trying to take risks for fear of something going wrong. You practice caution in everything that you do but you are always looking and focusing on the negative elements of any given situation or circumstance rather than focus on the positive aspects of it. You should learn to de stress, relax and enjoy life a bit.

Seeing the crocodile first also means you are definitely very practical and you don’t like to take risks in life. You lead a very cautious life and tend to focus more on the negative aspects instead of the positive. You need to relax and enjoy yourself and your life.

If you saw a boat

By seeing the boat first it means you have an attention to detail and look for the finer points. You are very observant and nothing gets past your eyes without you noticing it. You are also highly creative and find unique ways to resolve a problem or situation.


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