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How Photo Booths Are Perfect For all Modern Events

By AK, 30 August 2019


A photo booth is a secured location with a sort of background and heavy curtains where people can have their photos taken. A typical booth looks like a modern-day kiosk or vending machine. Traditional booths had a bench where people taking the photo could sit. Once a customer makes the payment, the camera starts rolling and takes a few photos: anywhere between 3-8 pictures.

The modern-day photo booths in Europe have started being replaced by booths that take only black and white photos. Most booths, however, will allow you to choose between black/white and colored pictures. There is always an indication to tell the participants to pose. This indication is slowly replacing old school photographers in events such as weddings, birthday parties, and corporate parties- private and public parties. In 2008, the search phrase ‘photo booth rentals’ was trending in Google.

Rental photo booths usually come with a booth attendant who services the booth and prepares participants for the picture-taking session and constructs their guest book photo strips. These booths create a fun space for people to come up with crazy poses and not feel judged or stupid about it. Here are some other perks that are leading most people to consider photo booths.

1Reduces the hustle


We have all been to those parties where the photographer just couldn’t get the right pose you wanted. Sadly, there was no room to have them retake them until you were satisfied. Well, photo booths allow you time to take photos in all poses you like. The companies that rent these booths will set them up and take them down on your behalf, reducing your hustle and allowing you to concentrate on the party problems.

2They are inclusive


Folks give the guests space and time to take selfies during the event rather than getting forced into the conventional group photo, which some do not necessarily want. This inclusiveness makes the party more fun and worthwhile for both you and your guests.

Reduces the hustle

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3Privacy and space


In the case of weddings, the bride and the groom get swamped with people around them. And each one nearby has some advice to give. Exhibit booth rentals Las Vegas are such that they have some private time together to breathe away from the demanding crowd. This privacy can also allow them to take some private pictures which they would not have in the presence of a photographer and the whole bridal team.

4Setting the seating is easier


It can be hectic to set the sitting arrangement of people in a party. This way, one can use the photo strips as a seating arrangement plan, therefore, killing many birds with one stone and reducing the pressure.

They are inclusive

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5Family pictures


The greatest thing about these booths is that most of them are big enough to fit a crowd. After the individual or small group photos, there can be a crazy photo session for much bigger groups of people or all the people.



Traditionally, some people would miss the party during the photo session as they had to man the photography session and organize people. Photo booths allow the photography and the party to run simultaneously; giving everyone time to enjoy the party.

Privacy and space

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