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Here’s How The Avengers are Supposed To Look According To The Comics

By KK Angus, 20 May 2018


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a billion-dollar franchise. Their fandom grows everyday and it’s only getting bigger. But it all started with comic book. Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was Marvel Comics. That also meant that the franchise had its own fan following who migrated to the MCU. But there have been considerable changes made to each and every comic book character, trait-wise and costume-wise.

For instance, Loki and Scarlet Witch look very different in the Marvel comics. As does Vision and Iron Man. Mainly the MCU had to change some costumes to make them more viable and more realistic, and it did lose some edge in the process. But why did MCU change the basic looks of the Avengers? And was it worth it?

1Captain America


In Infinity War, Captain America goes darker and obviously needed a lot of edge. His MCU costume has a lot of added layers and metallic covers, but in the comics, his shield was pretty much his only weapon. The beard is also new as he blends in the Nomad alter ego, but Captain America originally never had a beard. But the fandom has been applauding Chris Evans’ beard.

Captain America

Image Source: screenrant.com

2His character too


It is also important to note that Captain America’s character arc had to undergo a huge change in order to usher in the new edgier Captain America who is a better risk-taker. The MCU storyline of course helped him to shape up his arc and fit in as a more viable Avenger, who makes the best use of his past.

Chris Evans' beard,

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The Falcon probably got the biggest evolution of all costume-wise at least. In comics, it was just a white and red bodysuit with wings. But in MCU Falcon’s costume is a darker shade of red and his wings are a lot more hi-tech than the comics ever allowed. Plus his bodysuit has metallic detailings and makes him look more threatening.


Image Source: www.grunge.com

4Iron Man


Figuring how Iron Man has changed from comics to the movies is difficult especially as his suit has had a lot of versions and in the MCU itself, the superhero has been seen donning different suits, each one more powerful than its predecessor. But thankfully, Iron Man is one of the rare MCU superheroes who has not digressed too much from the original comics and had to be kept true to the books.

Iron Man Cartoon

Image Source: comicbook.com

5Doctor Strange


The fandom has often joked how Doctor Strange looks like a vintage magician with his beard and cape. In MCU, his costume is a lot layered and heavier and actually has drapes in it. But Marvel Comics actually features Doctor Strange in an extensive bodysuit. But fans agree that his costume needs to evolve further as it makes him look quite ridiculous.

Doctor Strange cartoon

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