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20 Hilariously Funny Product Tags That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

By Andrew Alpin, 15 January 2018


Could you ever contemplate clothing labels and product tags as funny?? Not a chance !! Which is what many would say and who even looks at product tags or clothing labels except for checking out a size. No one really bothers about the safety regulations and guidelines that companies have to insert in compliance with government authorities. But!! Believe it or not, some companies have come up with some pretty entertaining idea for clothing labels inserting funny instructions or a line way out of context that may make you go “What the….!!”.  When products started featuring hilarious and weird comments on their tags and labels are unknown but truly some are downright crazy. Take a look at 15 such funny product tags that are a scream.

1When your jeans mock you


Some find this cool and funny some may get offended what with the current trend of the modern world where everything is an issue and there is nothing one can say or do anymore that can be regarded as humor because it’s an issue!! Well, this should be taken in stride and if you visualize what’s written there, it would be funny. You could give it to your partner unconcerned about his or her weight perhaps!!

When your jeans mock you

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

2True and practical safety measures


Well, don’t iron; don’t use cold water blah blah! Those are common enough instructions that everyone knows but look at the other instructions. Isnt that some good information there which you should always do?? And yes how many really bother to take precautions with clothes while cooking.

True and practical safety measures

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

3Loads of instructions


Do all mailmen and courier guys bother to follow instructions on a packet especially when you are mailing photos or something that shouldn’t bend?? Well, the packets go through sorting first so this is bound to get their attention. Life advice is good for everybody.

Loads of instructions

Image Source: thetango.net


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