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The Funniest Mom Memes You Will Find on The Internet Today

By KK Angus, 17 May 2018


Mom memes are Internet gold and not only are they the most popular ones but they are also the most relatable. Mother's Day just went by and guess what was shared and re-posted the most? You guessed it. Mom memes. Jokes about mothers' sense of priorities and their possessiveness about their children make the best contextual jokes. And the Internet makes the best use of it.

Interestingly, mums too are pretty pro at poking fun at themselves. And it's not just the kids who have the mantle anymore. Twitter moms make cupcakes and also make memes about how they messed up the cupcake. Here are some of the finest memes, which are the best of mom humour. Have a look.

1Why is that not me?

Ever wonder how some mums have their own blogs, keep up jobs and dinners at the table, and still manage to look that flawless? This mum surely did and made a meme about it too. Because Barbie on her worst day is still not a hard-working mother on her best day.

Mom memes

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2It really is Hunger Games

Being a mother is all about survival, but not just your own, your child's too. And yet it's the children who make the job so difficult. Whenever a struggling mum sees another mother coping with the parenting process, she often does feel like Katniss from Hunger Games reaching out to her community.

When I see another mom with her screaming toddler in the store

3Beyonce is boss


It's funny how every Beyonce meme is also somehow a mom meme. This one in particular, which addresses how mums feel everytime a father comes home and rants about how tired he is. Though it is the mother who had to stay home all day and do the real work.

When you were up all night with the kids and your husband tells you he's "so tired."

4It's all about balance

Motherhood is about finding the right track and about balancing a number of things. This mum, for instance, doesn't really have a typical day-in, and it all depends on how things shape up. She might be doing yoga one minute and screaming into a pillow, the next.

Mother memes

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5Every time

This probably happens to you every time you tell your kid to have a shower but not spill water. Your child will make the most of a bathtub and splash it away everywhere.

Parenting memes

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