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15 Comics That Show The Comedy and Drama of Our Lives Perfectly

By Meera Kaushal, 7 June 2018


6Self-respect is of utmost importance

Let’s face it, many of us feel so scared of being alone that we consider making that person a part of life, who had once or maybe even twice, fooled us. When we start to question whether we can trust our partner or not, that is actually a sign of sorts which tells us not to trust that person anymore. That is how you can trust yourself and have that correct dosage of self-respect. What is your take on this one?

Self-respect is of utmost importance

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7Just when we think it’s all over

Being heartbroken takes a toll on us, so much so that we know nothing apart from the fact that we are broken at that moment. And just when we think that all hopes are over for us, a new opportunity comes our way, to save us and to make us feel that love again.

Just when we think it’s all over

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8Too much baggage


This is one of the worst things that we humans do to ourselves. The only time guaranteed to us is the present and yet we keep carrying the heavy load of the past with us, everywhere we go. All of this baggage then disturbs our present and consequently the future as well. We should literally leave all that load to where it belongs; THE PAST!

Too much baggage

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9 Not everyone can handle the deep stuff

Most of us feel the need to have those deep conversations with the people around us, but not everyone has that thirst or even the ability to engage in those talks. And by default, we tend to get stuck in the muddy puddle of their thoughts and then we are left thinking, “Why on Earth did I come to this person?”

Not everyone can handle the deep stuff

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10 The all intelligent gate-keeper

Our heart tends to go to a lot of places, even the ones which are not good for us. But, our brain takes care of some things very efficiently and does the perfect gate-keeping whenever our heart tries to go out of control.

The all intelligent gate-keeper

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