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15 Cats Hilariously Going Viral This Year to Make You Laugh Your Hearts Out

By Bincy Joseph, 21 June 2018


Cats are real fun and having them as your pets can be like a full parcel of surprise waiting at your home. Not only are they fluffy and cute but can always annoy and surprise you with their witty expressions and playful stuff. Cats are thoroughly entertaining and can do the funniest things that can make you laugh out loud. You might have seen thousands of cat clicks but here are few cats that hilariously broke the internet this year and are sure to send a shock wave through your nerves.

1The frustrated cat


This is what happens in a public toilet. This poor little kitty is not even able to use the washroom at peace. There is someone knocking on the door already for getting inside the washroom. I am pretty sure that this poor kitty is going to demand a private washroom for her next birthday.

The frustrated cat

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

2The devil cat


We have always heard about black cats being bad omens but have a look at this picture. This will make you believe that there is undoubtedly some mystery related to cats and devils. This is actually what happened when my black cat bumped into a sack of flour when I was not at home. His picture is no less than a demon that can scare you out at night.

The devil cat

Image Source: buzzfeed.com

3The makeup freak


This is what happens when you are out for work, and you have left your Youtube on. I am pretty sure my cat has seen a tutorial for applying mascara and eyeliner, and this is what it resulted into ‘my cat resembling a panda.’ Thank Goodness I never left my lipsticks out or would have returned to see a total mess out of my lip love.

The makeup freak

4The lovebirds


I wished I had my lady love staring me in the same way as my cat does. Just look at her pretty eyes if she were not a cat I would have definitely married her. Guitars and romantic music have already started hitting my ears. Her eyes say it all and anybody can fall for her if she was not a cat. Guys really if you find a girl with such innocent eyes and looks “marry her.”

The lovebirds

Image Source: imgur.com

5The disciplined cat family


I still wonder if I ever stood in such a straight line when I was in school. I mean just look at their line, it is as straight as an arrow, and you can hardly doubt their discipline. It seems as if this cat family is punished by their master or maybe these cat oldies are trying to teach discipline to their kids.

The disciplined cat family

Image Source: purrworld.com


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