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Alibaug-The Best Place to Enjoy a Vacation

By AK, 17 March


Alibaug is a coastal town located in Raigad district in Maharashtra state that is well-known for its popular beaches and other things. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in India that attracts large number of visitors from other parts. People who visit Alibaug for the first time should plan everything in advance to make the trip an enjoyable one. The town is a perfect choice for people who want to spend their vacation with family and friends.

Before planning a trip to Alibaug, travellers should check the availability of rooms in hotels for overcoming unwanted problems. The hotels near Alibaug beach offer outstanding facilities for guests allowing them to enjoy a vacation accordingly. Moreover, they cover luxurious amenities for travellers to create the best memories on a trip. Another thing is that they show ways to experience high level comforts while scheduling a tour with family.

What are the top places to visit in Alibaug?

1 Vrindavan Farm

Vrindavan farm in Alibaug is a suitable one for those who want to enjoy a nature walk through countless trees allowing visitors to experience peace of mind. The farm also houses an art and craft museum and tourists can buy a lot of natural products such as honey, bee wax candles, spices, etc. Moreover, the farm provides ways to know more about plantation of trees and other details with ease.

Vrindavan Farm

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2Kihim Beach

Kihim beach is a famous for one its dense coconut trees that allows tourists to enjoy a day in a pollution-free environment. The beach located just 12 km from Alibaug provides several sightseeing options enabling tourists to ensure a fine trip. Adorned with white sand, the beach is an ideal destination for spend a vacation with family and friends. Apart from that, it is a place for migratory birds enabling tourists to watch them without any problems.

Kihim Beach

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3Awas Beach


Awas Beach is just 7 km away from Alibaug which is known for its golden sands lined with suru and casuarina trees. The beach usually has fewer visitors which makes it the right choice for romantic getaways or to spend quality time with loved one. Furthermore, it provides ways to perform a wide range of adventurous activities accordingly.

Awas Beach

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4Brahma Kund

Brahma Kund is one of the must-see places in Alibaug because the place is known for its religious belief. Built in 1612, it is rectangular in shape that has steps on all four sides which makes it the most famous attraction. There is a belief that the water in the small pond was once collected for wall construction purposes wen Lord Krishna was bathed by Lord Brahma.

Brahma Kund

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5Akshi Beach

Akshi Beach is just 5 km away from Alibaug Beach that enables tourists to carry out boating, sunbathing, swimming, and other activities in a serene environment. It is also becoming a bird sanctuary enabling visitors to spot a variety of 300 bird species. The beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India that allow tourists to have a great time.

Akshi Beach

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Travel tips to Alibaug

  1. Alibaug has three seasons summer, winter, and the monsoon that allow tourists to enjoy their trip. The winter season starts from November and ends till February end and the summer starts from March and ends till June end. The best time to visit the place is from November to June because it experiences high rainfall from July to October end.
  2. It is well-connected to other important cities by road allowing visitors to reach the place on time. Mumbai is the nearest airport to the destination and travellers can hire a cab from the airport.
  3. Alibaug is famous for its local dishes and there are several restaurants which offer them with excellent tastes enabling tourists to ensure a fine dining.
  4. Tourists should pack the outfits properly that exactly suits a season. This will help a lot to overcome discomforts and other issues to a large extent. In fact, it gives ways to schedule a trip in advance.
  5. Tourists including foreign nationals should bring necessary documents while visiting important places in Alibaug. However, it is advisable for them to carry the copies and not original ones.
  6. Foreign tourists can exchange their currency in leading banks or exchange counters when planning a trip to the destination.
  7. Those who want to know more about the places in and around Alibaug can approach a local tourist office for meeting essential requirements.
  8. Tourists should follow the local customs and traditions when they like to perform swimming and other outdoor activities.
  9. Alibaug has several beaches and tourists can fix an itinerary before visiting them that can help to make the trip a memorable one.
  10. Although Marathi is the language spoken in Alibaug, many people can understand Hindi and English enabling tourists to minimize communication problems.
  11. Tourists should follow the safety measures while they like to perform water-basedsports which give ways to avoid potential threats.
  12. Travelers should drink only bottled water instead of tap water to avoid health issues effectively.

Where to stay in Alibaug?

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6Where to stay in Alibaug?


Hotels in Alibaug offer different types of packages for tourists and they can choose the right one among them after making a complete research. The hotels near Alibaug beach cover luxurious amenities for travelers at reasonable rates. Those who want to know more about them should visit a reputed hotel website for meeting essential needs.

It is possible to book hotels online after comparing the prices. A hotel website provides ways to book hotels in Alibaug with options. At the same time, it is necessary to read terms and conditions before booking a hotel online. Most hotels in Alibaug enable tourists to ensure the best accommodation with high-level comforts. Furthermore, they show methods to schedule a trip in advance according to needs. A hotel website makes the booking process in simple steps allowing tourists to save more time. Also, it paves ways to focus more on a trip without any difficulties.


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