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10 Of the Strangest and Most Spectacular Places in the World

By Andrew Alpin, 18 September 2017


Our planet is an amazing place that is home to unexplored wonders and astonishing places that will leave anyone in awe. But among such places there are some which are so spectacular and strange that you would find it hard to believe they exist. Here are ten such strange places on earth that you should make it a point to visit.

1Volcanic lightning, Iceland


The phenomenon is created by the interaction of normal clouds charged with electric particles that are present in the volcanic ash cloud. It almost looks like a portal to hell and a spectacular sight to watch. 

Volcanic lightning, Iceland

Image Source: www.thelivingmoon.com

2Glowing waves, Maldives


The bioluminescent beach of the Maldives makes waves glow blue each time the water comes to the shore. This makes the entire beach look like some fairyland. The reason for the luminosity is the presence of ostracod crustaceans that glow and create the magical effect. These creatures emit light longer than regular plankton. 

Glowing waves, Maldives

Image Source: www.huffpost.com

3The blue tide show, San Diego


The blue tide of San Diego is a beautiful spectacle to watch. It is created by the presence of linulodinium polyhedron, a kind of phytoplankton that gives the waves the electric blue color. Watching the ethereal sight at twilight is a fantastic experience. 

The blue tide show, San Diego

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com


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