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Diving In The Red Sea Is No Less Than a Treasure For Egypt

By Arkadeep Deb, 17 April 2017


Goes without saying that the turbulent political condition in the region has not really worked wonders for the Middle East, and the fallout has impacted Egypt too! From a tourism standpoint, Egypt has since a steady depreciation in the yearly footfall to the land for the purpose of tourism. The sands and the pyramids and the sphinx have been a major attraction across the globe and is no hidden wonder. The real hidden gem in the mix however is below the seal level and not above it! Behold the sharks of the red seas, the underwater Sherpas, who, if not careful are not shy to show you their appetite as well!

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All jokes aside, the Red Seas are not something that you usually think of when you think of touring Egypt, but if you continue clinging onto that notion after this article, then the joke is on you. The Red Seas are also known for a rich aquatic flora and fauna and are committed to tourist exploration via scuba diving and the likes. There are diving centers across the coastline, in Sharm el Sheikh and also in the Sinai Peninsula. Truth be told, the SS Thistlegorm shipwreck is also a major tourist attraction and generates a sizeable revenue for Egyptian minister of tourism Yehia Rashid and his department.

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The dive-centers at the Red Seas are about five hours away from the populated areas and are usually run by European franchises. They are responsible for meditative spots in the warm-waters, diving centers, coral observation sessions among other attractions. The destinations see more visits from solo travelers than bandied groups of tourist families, which serves well if peace of mind from isolation is what you seek from these vacations.

International conflict notwithstanding and hoping that sudden inflation in the bandwagon should not harm the ecosystem inversely, the public interest in the treasures that the Red Sea and its environ is, will be valued many times over.

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