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10 Best Places for a lavish destination wedding

By Shruti Kaushik, 25 October 2017


Weddings are a blissful charm. That special day of your life where you transit from one phase of life to an another is just pure ecstasy. What makes this day more special is the arrangements and the perfection assembled in each and every task that you have been planning since the beginning. But what more makes this day memorable is the destination, the place where you decide to take your holy vows. Have your wedding in corner, then here are some sweet wedding destination suggestions, do thank me later.


Bahamas, a location where romance seems to find its place of worship is a perfect destination for a dreamy wedding. Apart from few highlighted islands of Bahamas, like New Providence, Bimini, Abacos, Grand Bahama, Andros, and Eleuthera there are several other “out islands” located in exotic zones which will give you all the feels. There are few posh private estates inspired by Bahamas culture suitable for a sophisticated wedding. 

Bahamas destination wedding

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Shortlisting an island in the Caribbean is like jumping off point. The struggle is huge in trying to find an Island of choice in the Caribbean, not because that there aren't any but because there are plenty of them. Few destination wedding friendly islands are St Lucia, St Martin, the US Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos and the Cayman Islands. Numerous resorts are no strangers to hosting a destination wedding and are best for couples who are looking at a simple yet an alluring wedding. 

destination wedding at caribbean

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Even in the slightest whisper of the word “Italy” the romantic notions in us are conjured. The historic city is a host to plenty of wonderful unique places best for a Mediterranean destination wedding. Ancient ruins of Italy like the Colosseum and Pantheon are magnificent. More, Florence is a natural wonder and classic for couples who want to take vows in the Mediterranean setting. 

Italy Destination Wedding

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4Las Vegas

Popular for its notorious marriage culture, Las Vegas, or the city that never sleeps is a fitting destination for couples who wish to keep their wedding short and memorable both. Couples can dwarf in several casino complexes and various Chapels for circumstancing their wedding ceremony. Couples can select from a variety of wedding options like traditional ballrooms, rooftop weddings or a pool deck style wedding. But remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas if you know I mean! A luxury car can add value to your wedding you can check out more luxury cars at limofind.com.

Las Vegas destination wedding

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5Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place packed with a lot of punch, volcanos, exquisite waterfalls and white sand beaches located at mesmerizing locations, perfect for any utopian wedding. You will never get tired to unwind the beaches as it only takes few hours from one end of the island to the other. The colorful ecosystem of Costa Rica is magnificent which gives couples the opportunity to circle significant wedding locations. Hundreds of exotic resorts and hotels are the pioneer in doing what Costa Rica is known for i.e. organizing destination weddings. 

Costa Rica wedding destination

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Perfect pink beaches, historic parishes and striking Atlantic waters, Bermuda is picture perfect and also a rare location for the destination wedding. Bermuda looks like a continuous long mass but the next-to-heaven province is made of 181 islands, several rock formations, and islets. What’s the best part of Bermuda that it has around 5 centuries of nautical history attached to it and then the crisp and cunning story of the Bermuda triangle adding more to its value points. With so many ocean stories, island stories and scenic beauty stories to craft around, one epic story of your wedding will add irreplaceable memories in your life locked in a true wonder. 

destination wedding at bermuda

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Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and comprises of around 700 miles of gold and white coastlines. Talking about what Jamaica is famous for, the location offers a pure laidback spirit beautiful beaches and friendly locals ideal for a perfecto destination wedding. The people of Jamaica are friendly, helpful and passionate which makes the place even more breathtaking. Couples who are looking for an adventurous, secluded, simple and a romantic wedding then Jamaica is the place for you. 

Destination wedding in Jamaica

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When it comes to Florida the place has beautiful tropical locations to offer enough to make your wedding eventful and enchanting. Take your holy vows in front of the sun and make the Gods a witness to your holy alliance. Popular Florida locations like St Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Clearwater Beach and Tampa Bay Area-north region are few suggestions for a sparkly and McDreamy wedding. 

Florida Destination Wedding

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Also known as the Garden Island, Kauai is one of the oldest islands of Hawaii. Known for its dramatic rivers, perfect mountain spires, rainforests, and canyons, Kauai is one of the hot spots for destination weddings. Kauai has an endless natural beauty to itself which is why it is marginally different from other islands. What makes it more special is exquisite waterfalls and the laid-back vibes which take away all the stress in one quick afterlook second. Kauai is for couples who don’t have the budget as an issue and can afford premium luxury wedding setup in this premium island. Grand Hyatt on the Keoneloa Bay is one of the famous Resorts for a destination wedding in Kauai. 

Kauai destination wedding

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You just cannot forget Mexico from the list. There is no location on earth that can actually beat the diversity of Mexico. Mexico is an easy destination and the struggle with getting things arranged and organized is fairly easy as compared to the other places. Dollars are easily accepted and locals understand English language. Mexico is a place for the couple who are looking at an adventurous and classical Mexican themed wedding.

 Mexico wedding destination

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