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Are You Brave Enough To Step Into This Pool, 500 ft In Air?

By Jatin Sharma, 15 April 2017


Fear of heights is something that we develop in infancy and it stays with us for life. Most of people are queasy when it comes to heights and this video of a guy walking 500 ft high in a swimming pool that is built on the 42nd floor of a building will give you vertigo.

Check the amazing video out.

1 What is a sky pool?

A sky pool or an infinity pool is a reflecting or swimming pool in which water flows over the edges that provides the users with an illusion of no boundaries. These pools are designed in a way where the edges appear to merge with a larger body of water like ocean, lake or with sky in some designs. They are found in places like resorts, estates and hotels.

The concept of this sky pool was invented in France in 1400s, when this design was used in the Stag fountain in the Palace of Versailles. These pools are extremely costly to build and planning and constructing them with extreme care is paramount. Their foundations are built extremely strong and are often drilled into mountains or buildings.

One such sky pool has opened up in the Market Square Tower residential apartments in Texas. Click next to have a look at the pool.

What is a sky pool?

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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