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11 Reasons That You Need To Move To Dubai ASAP

By Jatin Sharma, 15 April 2017


Dubai in 1990s was a wasteland and a desert, until the oil deposits made the sheikhs hyper rich and that has transformed a city that was founded in 1833 into a tourists’ paradise. It has now become a vacationing spot for rich westerners and we have 11 reasons for you to visit it once in a life time.

1 The Dubai Mall

Malls are a concept that has caught on in the whole world and we are seeing the trend of shopping changing all around the world. The Dubai Mall is something that will leave you in awe. Constructed by Emaar properties, the Dubai Mall is spread in 13 million square feet and has 1200 shops in it, along with many amenities inside. It has aquarium, theme park and even a ski rink inside the mall for amusement and for families to enjoy a fun-filled day.

The Dubai Mall

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2 Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is the 3rd tallest hotel building in Dubai and is 1,050 feet tall. It has 202 room in it. The Burj Al Arab hotel is on a man made island near the famous Jumeirah beach. A basic suite costs $1,500-$2,000 a night and this is something that needs some thinking. But one thing is sure; the experience will be top class. It is dubbed as the Most Luxurious Hotel in the World and with that pricing; it lives up to its name.

Burj Al Arab

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3 Dubai Marina


Dubai takes full advantage of Persian Gulf Coast. It built a 4 mile long marina in the style of a canal city. It features the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and also has many boutiques, walk-ways to explore many small shops and wildlife for tourists to enjoy.

Dubai Marina

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4 Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a100% artificial archipelago. It is made in form of a palm tree and is often called palm tree of islands. It took 7 years to build this and many workers worked from 2001-2008 to finish the archipelago and added 323 miles to the Dubai shoreline. A monorail connects Palm Jumeirah to mainland Dubai and it hosts some of the most luxurious hotels of Dubai. A helicopter ride is often offered to visitors who want to see the landscape from the air.

Palm Jumeirah

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5 Al Mamzar

If you want to spend some quality time with your family in Dubai, look no further from Al Mamzar beach. The 106 hectare beach land is place of many hotels and is very popular among tourists who come with families. There are swimming pools beside the sea line to enjoy the water from a different perspective.

Al Mamzar

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6 Dubai Museum


The Dubai Museum is the oldest building in Dubai and has been in very good condition due to preservation by authorities since 1787. There are artifacts that date back to 2500 BC and in 2013, museum beat the record of 1 million visitors in a year.

Dubai Museum

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7 Ski Dubai

Dubai has even managed to beat the heat of desert to build an indoor ice and snow paradise for its visitors. Ski Dubai located in the Dubai Mall is an 240,000 sq/ft man-made mountain which provides snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding hills. It has 5 mountains of varying heights and 3 chair lift systems for visitors to enjoy the snow in the desert.

Ski Dubai

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8 Ravi restaurant

Most of the visitors coming to Dubai are from Indian subcontinent and even tourists from other countries always wish to have good food in Dubai. Though Dubai is a foodie heaven, but Ravi restaurant is in completely different league. The restaurant is an Indian-Pakistani cuisine heaven and has been able to expand at a rapid place to accommodate families. Popular dishes of the restaurant are chicken boti, mutton tika, daal and mutton kebab. The restaurant is highly famous for their breakfast dishes which are exclusively served between 5:00am-2:30pm.

Ravi restaurant

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9 Jumeirah Golf Courses


The 13,100 sq.ft Jumeirah Golf estate gives you a unique and one time life experience in golfing. Apart from playing golf, members can also enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, drinks and other activities. The club caters to weddings, parties and business functions also.

Jumeirah Golf Courses

Image Source: www.jumeirahgolfestates.com

10 Bastakiya

Bastakiya was developed in 19th century for wealthy Persian traders to offer them a tax free haven. Since 1890, many wealthy families have made Bastakiya their homes and have restored the old Dubai architecture in its pure form. It is also home to Majlis gallery which houses traditional Arab ceramics and furniture.


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11 Dubai Miracle Garden

 Dubai Miracle Garden

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Dubai has even done the impossible by opening a Miracle Garden in desert. The garden was opened on Valentine’s Day in 2013 and became instantaneously popular. The garden houses a flower structure in shape of Airbus 380 and holds the Guinness Book record for World’s largest flower structure. It took 200 crew members and 180 days to complete the structure.

 Dubai Miracle Garden1

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