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8 Signs That Prove You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho

By Andrew Alpin, 6 June 2017


Dating an emotional psycho can be traumatic in more ways than one. The disadvantages of being in such a relationship are that you find out only after you’ve entered into the relationship. It isn’t too hard to realize the reason for the inevitable breakup but what you can do is to recognize the signs you’re dating a psycho so that you can do something about it. Once you know you’re in a relationship with a psycho, it’s your call!

1 A psycho will always blame you for the difficulties in the relationship

A Psycho will always try to make out that everything is your fault. They know and understand that the fault is theirs because they aren’t stupid but a psycho’s nature is such that he simply can’t bring himself to admit his mistake. They will make you feel it’s your fault.

Dating an Emotional Psycho blaming

Dating an Emotional Psycho blaming

2 They will constantly lie to make you feel bad

Psychos don’t really care about your feelings and will lie left right and center. They lie out of nowhere and will never even realize what they’re doing. For them lying is second nature and they do it so well it’s almost like truth. For them, it doesn’t really matter.

Dating an Emotional Psycho lie



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