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8 Signs That Prove You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho

By Andrew Alpin, 6 June 2017


6 They are forever getting into a power struggle with you

A psycho always needs psychological and physical manipulation and control over his partner. To be in charge, they will use every sort of intimidation, charm, manipulation and possibly violence to be in control. Standing up for yourself is risking physical and emotional trauma. The best way is to refrain from engaging in such activity and tell person you won’t play that game.

Dating an Emotional Psycho power struggle


7 A psycho will constantly try to check your personal communication

In order to feel that he isn’t losing control and influence over you, a psycho will constantly check your mails, your messages and even your call logs to see who you speak to or remain in touch with. Such things give him a sense of insecurity and loss of control.

Dating an Emotional Psycho checking personal communication


8 They call you every half an hour


When you’re away at work or out, a psycho will keep calling you every now and then to check your whereabouts. If he had his way he would prefer you stay and stagnate at home. You going out will cause him undue stress as to what you’re up to. According to him, you could be plotting an escape or being influenced by others to break off the relationship. Even if you’re a bit late, be prepared for an interrogation.

Dating an Emotional Psycho calling constantly



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