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8 Signs That Prove You’re Dating an Emotional Psycho

By Andrew Alpin, 6 June 2017


3 They blame you for their inability to achieve anything in life

Such people are truly emotionally ill as they are forever pointing fingers at the world for their failures, especially you. They will care two hoots how you feel but will constantly drum it into your head that "It’s because of you I cannot achieve my goals."

Dating an Emotional Psycho blaming


4 The reduce your dignity and self respect

You know you’re dating a psycho because for him, you are nothing but an object. They know that they have found their perfect partner who loves them but instead of appreciating such a fact, they try to control you for their own petty gains and needs. Your feelings will never be reciprocated.

Dating an Emotional Psycho self respect


5 They prevent you from communicating with other people


Living with such a person means you never going to get help. Moreover, your world will be limited by his preventing you to communicate with friends and even family. In this manner, they bind you closer to them without interference making sure your survival only depends on them.

Dating an Emotional Psycho preventing



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