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6 Tips To Propel Your Wedding Photography Business To The Next Level

By AK, 23 March 2021


Wedding photography is a business that every photographer enjoys but only a precious few master. And since you're a photographer, it's important to up your photography skills since this is one of life's most important events.

There's no denying that a wedding photography business is not a walk in the park. And it's perfectly fine because you can't be a pro photographer overnight.

And that's why we are here today to help hone your skills in wedding photography and also your business as a whole. So grab your notes and continue to read on.

1Lighting is your best friend


One of the most important aspects of wedding photography or even photography as a whole is the lighting. With proper lighting, you will be able to capture perfect shots of your subject as the focus.

But this is not only limited to your subject but also the foreground too. Because it's also important to ensure that the scenery on the back is well-lit. Combine this with the lighting you have in your subject and you have yourself an unbeatable combo.

If natural lighting is scarce, you can rely on lighting devices as an alternative. You can also play around with the ISO settings on your camera as well. And speaking of camera settings, this brings us to our next section below.

Lighting is your best friend

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2Camera settings matter


Modern cameras nowadays are equipped with a plethora of settings for you to configure. So don't just settle on default settings alone, but spend time to find the perfect configuration for your wedding photography.

Toy around with the presets, adjust the colors, should you go with autofocus or manual focus? It's up to you! Though keep in mind that this will also depend on the venue of the wedding too.

Wedding venues are where the real challenge begins. This is because you will never know if the colors and natural lighting of the venue will complement your camera's settings. So act fast, alert, and let your creativity & wits do the talking.

Camera settings matter

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3Invest in other equipment


Aside from your camera, you should also invest in other equipment if you want your wedding photography business to be unique. This will give the newlyweds an impression that every penny they spent for your photography service is worth it.

Maybe buy a drone for aerial shots, or rent a custom LED screen where you can put up a slideshow for guests to view. This gives them an immersive experience of viewing their picture-perfect moments during the event.

Whatever equipment that might be, make sure that it can benefit you as a photographer, and all the people in the wedding. Because there's nothing worse than spending cash on something that isn't even useful for your business at all.

4Hire a crew you can rely on


The wedding photography business is not a one-man job. You need to have a group of people that can help you out in different aspects. This means someone that can help you set up the necessary equipment, one that knows photoshop, or even a social media manager.

So if you're still a newbie and don't have a crew just yet, now is the perfect time for that. Hire your friends, your trusted neighbor, or even your family. You can also scout online for potential workers that can help you out.

Having the right crew that you can trust is the key to skyrocket your wedding photography business. They will be the ones to help drag your business to greater heights when you can't do it alone.


5Upgrade when needed


As technology advances, the quality of previous-generation devices will start to feel stale and dated. So invest in better cameras or equipment that can match up to today's standards. Out of budget? Fret not because the power of software editing tools can help you out.

But still, having the latest gadgets is an investment worth paying for. Relying too much on software manipulation will make it look artificial. And this is definitely noticeable in the eyes of your fellow photographers too.

It's fine to use dated equipment for now. Just save some cash and wait for the day that you can finally give your wedding photography equipment its much-needed upgrade.

Hire a crew you can rely on

Image Source: 'pixabay.com

6The customer is always right


You have your own slice of creativity as a photographer yourself. You may have learned this for years of indulging in the world of photography. But since you consider photography now as a business, then having transparent communication with your client is a must.

Lend some time to talk with the bride and groom about 'what they want. Grant their special request for what specific shots they want here or there. Once you have an idea of their requests, you can then combine this with your creative skills to make it even better.



Upgrade when needed

Image Source: images.pexels.com

Giving your wedding photography business its much-needed boost-up is as easy as knowing your equipment, hiring the right crew, and listening to your clients. We know it's going to be a hell of a climb to enter such a business, especially if you're still new to it.

But don't worry because you will eventually get there in no time. The road is going to be rough sometimes, but you can use this as a stepping stone for success. Be inspired, observe professional wedding photographers, and use this knowledge as a way to improve even more.


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