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15 Funniest Entries In The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022

By Andrew Alpin, 27 September 2022


Photography is, without a doubt, the language of our time. Everyone has a lot of pictures they love, either saved on their computer or printed out and put away to look at later. It lets us preserve moments and remember things from the past. We can take a trip down memory lane and remember what life was like when we hadn’t lost the people we loved. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which everyone loves and looks forward to, is a great example. Take a sneak peek at the funniest entries so far this year because these 15 pics from this competition will prove that nature does have some comical moments too.

1 “What Are You Looking At” By Lincoln Lin


The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards contest shows how funny nature can be and gives us a chance to appreciate the earth and its creatures without putting their already fragile lives at risk.

Lincol Lin

Img Src: twimg.com

2 “The Three Amigos” By William Parkinson


Taking pictures and writing down people’s celebrations is one of the most rewarding hobbies, and people who do it for a living will probably agree that it changes how you see the beauty and how you feel about life in general, just like these 3 little amigos.

William Parkinson

Img Src: newstes.ru

3 “I’m Kidding” By Sameer Walunj


On the website for The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, you can find a thought-provoking quote from the contest’s co-founder, Paul Joynson-Hicks, that says it all about how important this annual competition is. But looking at this owl winking at you in this pic might make you think it’s nothing but a big joke.

Sameer Walunj

Img Src: ub.life

4 “Laughing Moose” By Kerry Singleton


The world is very beautiful and connected, but people are doing everything they can to overuse it and hurt it. The world is paying more attention to issues of wildlife conservation and sustainability, but the messages and images tend to be negative, depressing and tiring. But this picture of a laughing moose taken by photographer Kerry Singleton will make you think otherwise.

Kerry Singleton

Img Src: visir.is


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