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The Youngest CEO’s prove that being a Genius knows no age

By Andrew Alpin, 5 April 2017


3 Their biggest inspiration in life

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran have said that their biggest inspiration was the late Steve Jobs. “For innovation and never say die attitude even in tough adversity”. “It is this story that we like to hear multiple times from our Dad," said the brothers in media interviews. The brothers have also given a Ted Talk at TEDx SITM and addressed corporate conferences in India.

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran at herald design forum

Image Source: www.godimensions.com

4 Hard work and dedication pays dividends

While Sharvan now 16 is the president of the company, young Sanjay now 14 is the CEO. As the among the youngest mobile application developers, in the world today, they have proved that life is an adventure full of aspirations and dreams. If you work hard, success follows. Watch this inspirational video of the two young boys speaking about their remarkable venture.

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