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15 Extremely Unique People Who Will Mesmerize You With Their Beauty

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 18 June 2018


Being unique and being beautiful doesn’t always mean the same thing. Nevertheless, that is a winning combination. But being beautiful is not a timeless feature that people poses. The standards of being beautiful tend to change over the years. Just look how supermodels used to look 15 or 20 years ago and compare them to supermodels of today.

There’s clearly a difference, and we’re not sure if it is a positive one. However, the list you’re about to see is all about unique and beautiful people. We’re not talking about Kim Kardashian and plastic surgeries here.

But people who probably thought that their uniqueness is a disadvantage, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You’ve probably seen the “he/she will never get a girlfriend/boyfriend” meme right? Well, this is something similar.

1Senegalese model Khoudia Diop


We’ve moved as human beings and we’ve managed to overcome plenty of issues in the last decade. But it seems like racism is still out there. This beautiful Senegalese model was once bullied at school but look at her now. She’s super successful and her uniqueness is indeed an advantage now.

Senegalese model Khoudia Diop

Image Source: buldumsanki.com

2The girl with the freckles


Some people pay tons of money on plastic surgeries to get rid of freckles. But Maeva Giani Marshall is not one of them. She did the right thing and accepted herself and that’s exactly why she has thousands of fans all around the world.

Girl with the freckles

Image Source: popcornfashion.com

3The unique albino model


You’ve probably seen an albino animal, but have you seen an albino model before? This Russian model is an example of uniqueness. Anastasia Zhidkova was bullied when she was a kid, but it seems like the tables have turned now.

Anastasia Zhidkova

Image Source: www.pinterest.com.au

4The confident Kgothi ’’Iman’’ Dithebe


The culture is changed these days and we’re all desperately pushing towards perfection for some reason. The cute model from the picture above is not perfect, but none of us is. Her unusual skin only makes her even more attractive.


Image Source: www.tumblr.com

5The blue-green eyes girl


Some people prefer blue eyes and others are more into green. But Sarah McDaniel doesn’t have to worry about this problem, because she has the most unique eyes you’ve ever seen…and she looks astonishing!

Sarah McDaniel

Image Source: 9gag.com


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